Self injecting for Remicade

Hubby is about to start self injecting for this and I’m wondering how other people are getting on with it and have they noticed any difference.


  • jeddison1985
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    Hi @Flakie I have welcomed you to the forum on your other post - Hi, Im new here.

    I just wanted to again signpost information to help your husband on Remicade, known as Infliximab and what he can expect and some hints and tips.

    I hope he finds it useful and the drug helps with his condition.



  • frogmorton
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    You know I'd repost this under Infliximab if I were you - it's the name we more commonly use here.

    Meds are a nightmare trial and error which works for one of us won't necessarily work for another.

    My fingers are crossed it really helps your husband🤞

  • Flakie
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    Thank you both. Hubby has had RA since his thirties and has been on ‘Infliximab’ (thanks) for about 15 years. Always at the hospital and an infusion. He’s done very well at it and it has certainly kept the arthritis at bay. Now they want to try the self medicating so we will have to see how he gets on with it.

    I will explore the forums a bit more I think so I know where to put things! 😄