Feeling more like myself !!!

As the title says I’m starting to feel like my normal self !!

ive been on the anti depressants for nearly 2 months and they have helped my mindset so much !! I have gone back to being a ginger which is my all fav colour as well I have been eating better and lost 5 pounds !!

Had rhumatology appointment yesterday and they have upped the sulfasalazine to 6 tablets a day and I’m on steroids for a month if that doesn’t improve stiffness then methotrexate will be added to the mix !

hope everyone is feeling ok ! I’ve added a picture I took on my 45th birthday cus I felt so good !!!!


  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,189

    Glad to hear your meds are finally taking effect and making you feel so much better. Keep up the exercises, it all helps. (And you look pretty good for 45, well done!)

  • Awww Thankyou @Lilymary !!! It’s nice to feel more like myself not just someone that has been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis!! It can be overwhelming to start with !

    I hope your keeping yourself well xxxx

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