Piercing and Tattoos whilst having RA


Hi guys

New to the forum, I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in February after having years and years of none stop pain in my back and knees. I'm big into my piercings and tattoos and was wondering whether anybody had any experience getting them whilst being on immunosuppressants? I would obviously wait until it calmed down and found the right drugs for it. I'm currently taking Rinvoq and Leflunomide together for mine.

Thanks :)


  • Anna
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    Hi @Allmetalwill and welcome to the online community!

    What an interesting first post query - whether anyone has experience of getting tattoos and piercings while on immunosuppressants. We have a wide range of members, all living with some form of arthritis and all happy to share their experiences - it will be interesting to hear some responses!

    There was a discussion a few years back about this issue - here's a link to it below:

    Whatever you decide to do, its always wise to check with your Rheumatology consultant or nurse before you go ahead - they probably know you and your meds best.

    I hope you feel some relief now that you've finally received a diagnosis of RA for your years of pain in your back and knees. Sometimes, the not knowing seems to make the pain worse. At least now you can go forward and work with your consultant to find the best treatment for you. And this is a great community for sharing your experiences and asking for advice. Did you know there's a young people's forum which you might like to post in?

    All the best, and do let us know how you're getting on.

    Anna (Mod)

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  • Hairobsessed123

    Hi welcome @Allmetalwill !

    I have psoriatic arthritis!! I have a lot of tattoos but when I mentioned last about having some new ones I did say I’m on medication and she said she doesn’t usually tattoo people on these meds I’m currently on sulfasalazine and steroids she did say to ask my consultant I forgot but I think it may be risky with slow healing I hope others will come along and share their thoughts and experiences!!

    welcome btw xx

  • Allmetalwill

    Yeah when I spoke to my tattooist about it he said he wants to get the clear from the specialist just to make sure he's all good with me getting tattooed again, be awhile since I last got tattooed, missing it 😂