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I just joined this forum as a way of seeing how others cope with arthritis. I've been in pain since I was very young. I'm 23 and finally got the right diagnosis in February, which was RA. I recently qualified as a plumbing and heating engineer after 5 years of training and had to look into different career pathways as it is not suitable for me. I am currently taking Rinvoq and Leflunomide, after trying out methotrexate for a while, which made me feel incredibly ill. It would be good to see how others learn to cope with RA, as most days it's a struggle to get up the stairs, and by the evening I can barely keep my eyes open


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    Hi @Allmetalwill ,

    I have written a response on your other post about piercings and tattoos, but I just wanted to give you another warm welcome to the community on this post too!

    As you've just been diagnosed with RA, you might want to read a bit about what to expect and how to manage your symptoms. The Versus Arthritis website is comprehensive and accurate and it has a good introductory page on rheumatoid arthritis that you might find interesting:

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Anna (mod)

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