Consultant wanting to put me onto stronger doses

On hydroxychloro 2 a day at present Have had a couple of fingers playing me up so went on a short steroid course as well which has helped But everywhere else is okay Either leflunomide or methotrexate but reading the poss side effects is awful Im only 59 and if eventually other things start like say knees etc where would I go from there ? Im just wondering if its a bit drastic for 3 fingers which for the most part are fine but I obviously do not wish to make the consultant angry Any advice would be great Thanks


  • Abigail
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    I have it in hips only on 2 naproxen a day wating for operation . See how you go with them if better can cut down on them take care

  • DaveVW
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    You know, it's easy to try and second guess a Consultant, especially in this day and age when we can Google anything we want. In reality though, experts and medical professionals have a wealth of knowledge backing them up, they simply know a whole lot more than we ever can.

    I am currently on two different pain medications for my knees, and I'm going to see how I get on with them. I got prescribed them based on what I told the Doctor I was feeling. If my pain had been worse, perhaps I'd of gotten something more powerful, if less, then maybe only one pain medication.

    When it comes to pain medication, I think we should take enough to ease the suffering, and no more. That amount will vary from person to person. The only time I'd worry is if they prescribed Opiates for the pain, because I know they can be addictive, and I'd want to avoid that spiral.

    Finally I'll say, it's easy to think things are getting better, especially when the pain pills are working, and you don't feel too bad. But I know from experience, if you lay off the pills, you soon find yourself hurting again. So be careful.