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Hi guys,

I've not formally had a diagnosis yet, but my blood tests have confirmed I have a high rheumatoid factor. I'm 28, and I have a job that requires a lot of hands-on practical work.

I'm worried. My pain is getting worse in my fingers, my knee has started to get painful and I have such bad skin. I initially thought the skin condition was caused by the masks.. But now I'm not sure.

I also regularly suffer with bladder pain, and I just feel a bit rubbish with all of this.

I'm reaching out to hear some other people's experiences, and would like to ask if anyone has suffered with acne that has got better following rheumatoid treatment?

Would love to hear from anyone 😊


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    Welcome to the forum, @LanaB.

    I see that you have been told that you have a high rheumatoid factor, but have yet to be given a formal diagnosis. Do you have an appointment with a rheumatologist? There are many types of RA, so without knowing which one you have, it is a little difficult to give you a link to the most relevant information. Here is one to general information.

    You can access our help line during normal office hours.

    I hope you get more answers soon. You will find much hope from others stories as you browse the forum.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Tom Moderator.