Arthritis in Knees, Hands Ankles and Spine

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Hi everyone, my name is Wendy and I suffer from arthritis in my knees, hands ankles and spine. I was first diagnosed 11 years ago.


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    Welcome to the forum, @nanas5boys2009.

    I see that you have arthritis in your hands ankles knees and spine' diagnosed 11 years ago. I hope that having found us that you will get support and information to assist. You do not say which type of arthritis you have, so I have included some general links and also some hints on pain management.

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    Hello Wendy. I also have OA in my wrists, thumbs, both knees and my back so can really sympathise. My right knee needs replacing but I can't have the surgery as my wrist consultant says I would be unable to manage the walking aids needed post-op, nor could I do the walking needed to rehabilitate knee. Guess you maybe in the same position? Have you had any surgery on your wrists? I've had 3 operations but unfortunately not with the result my Consultant was hoping for.. Hope you are managing to cope as well as possible, but I find it very difficult at times, and I am sure you do too? Beryl