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hi Im Kate and they think I was born with Arthritis , both my parents had it . i have Arthritis in my hands , spine , knees, feet and pelvis . i have had a knee replacement and a hip replacement , but still suffer because of Arthritis elsewhere. I have found with the pain in my back that Nurafen Plasters help a lot and i get them on script from my doctor , hope this helps any one that is thinking of trying them


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    Hi @KateW

    Welcome to the online community,great you are posting and giving advice regarding Nurafen plasters always good to get feed back from someone who actually uses the product.You say you have had Arthritis a long time since childhood and although in pain find Nurafen plasters work for you,which is good.

    I have links that may help with pain levels and exercise for movement.

    Let's Move with Leon | Versus Arthritis

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (versusarthritis.org)

    Hope these links are helpful.

    All the best on the forums please let us know how you get on


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