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Hi. I work from home and need a new office chair but am worried about getting wrong one. I have hip arthritis and will need something really comfortable. Wondered if anyone had any recommendations. Many thanks


  • Ellen
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    Hi @joserj

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    I see you need a better chair for working from home due to Arthritis in your hip. You are quite right to want to get exactly the right chair for you.

    If you have an employer they may be able to provide you with suitable seating via Occupational Health? It is very important to get your work station just right. If you work for yourself you might find reading this article useful:

    Although it is not specifically about office seating it has some useful tips in it.

    I'll leave our members to share any experience they have with you

    Best wishes


  • Mike1
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    Speak to your OT and/or if possible visit a showroom and try them out.

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    To be honest I use one of my grandmothers wooden dining chairs with an inflatable wedge cushion and on bad days, a lovely fluffy pillow too! I sit badly whatever chair I'm on, as I always perch on the edge, so it's never been worth me investing in an expensive one, but I try to soften the blow for my sitting bones and hips. Maybe I'm just a bit of a slob. 😅

  • joserj
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    I got one of those thick cushions for when my dad comes round so I'll give that a go. I think I'm looking for a miracle but I'm going to be stiff on any chair. 😊