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Hi, 2 months ago I made a decision to give up a job with meant driving long distances for 90% of my day. It was never sustainable during acute gout attacks and the time needed for recovery. I have had 4 attacks on the last 4 months. I have a job interview tomorrow but I've been struck down with an acute attack. I am doing everything I can to ease the pain but I am struggling to walk. Do you think I am less likely to be employed if I use a stick to go to the interview? Should I just say I've 'injured' my foot? I am absolutely terrified of losing an opportunity for a job that has got me so excited as a prospect.


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    Oh dear @Iamgroot_gout

    (My eldest daughter has a bearded dragon called Groot)

    Bad timing or what?🙄 Are you having any treatment at all for your Gout? It sounds like a lot of flares not at all under control.

    If you will walk too badly without your stick you will probably have no choice at all, but to use it.

    The only advice I really have is not to fib because truth always comes out.

    Hopefully someone else might have some more advice

    Take care

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    Well done on getting to the interview stage they obviously saw something in you to invite you, there’s no easy way around this but be honest if they are a decent employer they will look beyond it but thus saying they will always take into account if you have to take time off due to your condition

    don’t treat it as a negative but a positive at the interview just remember they invited you on your attributes and very good luck to you go get em 😊😊

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    It depends what the job is really, does it rely on driving, walking etc. Just be honest at interview, like the others have said they obviously see that you have attributes suitable for the position otherwise you would not have got past the first stage. Good luck and et us know how you get on.