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I was diagnosed with OA in my ankles about 3 years ago and about a month ago OA in both knees and hips.

I have been waiting since March 2020 for appointments with a hand specialist as my hands are swelling up and causing pain.

Since my last diagnosis I am waiting for a telephone appointment with the Tier 2 MSK Team.

i am in constant pain and have to change my workIng pattern around. I would love if you all could kindly offer any help.


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    Hi @Kush - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've had a couple of diagnoses of Osteoarthritis in different joints, and your waiting both to be seen about your hands, which are swelling up and in pain, and for the follow-up with the MSK team following your OA diagnosis.

    The pain is a hard thing to deal with - part of it is adapting top knowing your joints are in pain and seeing what you can do to work around them or support - using walking aids, looking into voice-to-text programs, using wrist or knee supports, elevating your legs when your sitting. Part of it is in taking painkillers - talk to your pharmacist to see what you can get over-the-counter, but co-codamol is good (if you can tolerate opioids), and can be taken alongside ibuprofen and aspirin - although NOT paracetamol as there is already paracetamol in it.

    I know you've had OA for 3 years, but do take a look at the info we have on it - specifically the Managing Symptoms and the Tips for Managing Pain sections. I've also added a link to some ideas on aids and adaptions you may be interested in.

    I'm sure the other emembers will be along shortly to offer help and advice - and do please feel welcome to have a look around the community and see if there are any discussion you would like to join in or that you find helpful - we're always happy to have someone new join in!

    Lovely to meet you,


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    Hi Kush,

    There are also other ways to cope with the pain - finding exercises which allow you to gently strengthen and stretch your affected joints is important. The stretching helps to lessen pain as your muscles often get tight when your in pain as you tense automatically, and the strengthening has a more long-term effect - the stronger your muscles the more strain they can take off your joints. But this is hard to do when your in pain, I know (I'm admittedly only good at this part of the time).

    There are also complementary things you can do to lessen pain. If your joints feel painful without swelling then applying heat - from pads, gels or those wheat-germ bags you put in the microwave - can help alleviate the pain. As can a hot bath or shower (or foot bath!). Some of the creams don't work so well, but I've found Deep Heat's ibuprofen cream actually works for me, so do try a couple and see if you can find one which works for you. If your joints are swelling, then a cold compress or ice pack is a better call. 

    Don't forget to try to help your sleep as much as possible - a lack of sleep can make pain worse! So think about taking pain killers about half an hour before you go to bed, and make sure your mattress is comfortable (I use a mattress topper myself to help with this).

    Have a look at the below links to see if they can help:

    I hope this helps 😊

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