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Hi my name is Karen

I've just joined my neighbour recommend joining a forum as she got invaluable support help and pointers with her condition.

I was finally diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis after a three year merry go round it turned out there's a link between crohns disease and joint pain one change of go and a blood test and here I am that was about 10 years ago I hope you are all have the lovely day we are in Suffolk it's been really sunny the last couple of days I hope to join in and help other sufferers if I can but will shut up for now

Take care folks

Karen x


  • Hi @Dinkimandrake and welcome to the online community. It's lovely to have you here, and also great to know that people out there are pointing others in our direction. This is indeed the right place to be whether you are after support, advice or a listening ear, and we are always welcome of anyone willing to share their experiences so please do join in wherever you see fit!

    I'm so glad you got a diagnosis eventually- we've all had a good ride on that merry-go-round and sometimes it feels like there's no chance of getting off! I am sure that you are well into your journey with your condition, but just as a starting point here is a link that may be of interest to you:

    I look forward to seeing more from you round the community- I think you will be a wonderful addition to our family here!