Silver tarnishing quickly query


I'm new to this forum I hope no one minds me posting a question on here I have inflammatory arthritis so will be staying as I didn't realise how much information there is on the forums plus it ll be nice to be able to chat to folks in the same boat I am.

Im currently taking 100mg of azathioprine daily for arthritis. I have recently bought silver 925 I believe all bought from pandora  and it's tarnishing at an astonishing rate 12 hours on one bracelet and about 24 on other bracelets and charms I have tried to find a list of medications on the Internet that might do this but I can't find one. The only people who have told me about it are the staff from the shop one assistant seemed to think it was common and I should know about it but the manager said I was only the 5th customer in the four years she had seen this happen to. I just wondered if this has happened to anyone else. 


  • Lilymary
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    I wonder if it could be due to the heat resulting in more perspiration, or any sun lotions etc you may be using?

    I have a few modern silver chains that tarnish instantly, even in their box, to the point that I can't wear them as they leave a black line round my neck. I suspect it's a low grade silver, but you wouldn't expect that from Pandora... unless they're cost cutting like everyone else and using a lower grade silver in their products?

  • Hi lily Mary

    Thank you for your reply it isn't lotions etc I don't use them and the tarnishing has been going on since before Christmas so no idea I agree that the cheap and cheerful silver does go faster but not even that goes in hours I think you can have it coated but whether it works or not I've no idea it's annoying because I like the bracelets but I can't clean them daily that hurts too much and is ridiculous I might try a silver bracelet from somewhere else and see what happens

    I put the query on here in the hope others have had it happen to them or know of it any help or comments would be appreciated


  • Mike1
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    Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal, most likely copper. It is the copper in the sterling silver that causes it to become tarnished. Tarnish is a product of chemical reaction that is caused by the other metals that are mixed with silver reacting to moisture and sulphur in the air. Sterling Silver will generally tarnish quicker in high humidity climates and places with high levels of air pollution. Things like perspiration, perfume, hairspray, deodorant and moisturisers can all contribute to further tarnishing of your silver due to the chemicals reacting with the silver.

  • Hi Mike

    Thank you for your comment your comment was interesting I knew some of that but not all for me it's the speed they have tarnished that's the problem so What I have been trying to find out is has anyone else had pandora Sterling Silver tarnish very fast the bracelets I've got have tarnished in a week etc a couple of them in 12 ~18 hours I don't use lotions perfume obviously I perspire and I live by the sea and that won't help etc and what they are saying is certain medicines are to blame but I cannot find any of it online I thought I'd ask here as I'd hoped someone else mightve had the same experience also to warn folk pandoras guarantee do not cover tarnishing even when it's very fast so I would say to anyone just buy one Silver bracelet in case the same happens to you