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Hi my name is Cath thanks for letting me join

I have joint problems which I’ve had for few years but it’s getting worse, I had bloods done and my RA had gone up refferd to hospital they did X-ray of feet knees hands and hips this was done two months ago and I’ve not heard any thing they just gave me patches

feeling pretty low about it


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    Hi @Cath61

    Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Online Community Forum. You are part of our family now!

    Has your Rheumatologist been back in contact with you, or have you contacted the hospital? I know some hospitals have been a bit cautious with COVID-19. However, I think if you were to contact the hospital and just explain your situation, they will tell you if your report is ready or not (as sometimes it does take a while for them to do the report)

    I have found an Emotional Wellbeing Booklet which I will attached for you https://www.versusarthritis.org/media/23163/emotional-wellbeing-and-arthritis-booklet.pdf I hope you find some comfort in here and some advice.

    There are also the other forums which I hope you will enjoy.

    Take Care & Stay Safe


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    You could also try chasing up the follow up report through your GP, as they will have sent them to him/her also. They may be able to chase up the Rheumatologist if not yet received.