Nerve damage

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How to sleep with nerve damage in feet? Burning sensation in toes and ankles. Amitriptyline doesn't seem to help much. Any ideas please?


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    Hi @Breathless - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've got nerve damage in your feet which is causing difficulties for you when you're trying to sleep.

    I've done some investigating, and I see that nerve damamge isn't often helped by normal painkillers, which would be why you're on Amitriptyline which is often used for nerve damage. If it's not helping you much, then I would definitely suggest going back to your GP and asking for more help - there are other drugs you could try, or maybe a higher dose would work if it does help a bit. Your doctor can also prescribe you Tramidol, which is an opiod but can help with nerve damage pain.

    There are also some creams which can help - apparently Capsaicin cream might help.

    Have a look at the information the nhs gives here, there are also some alternative theripes they suggest:

    Do let us know if you have nay other issues we can help with related to your arthrtis - we have a lot of people here who have specialist experience of different conditions, and we're all willing to share in order to help someone.

    Lovely to meet you!