My journey with OA so far


Never imagined that i would feel old yet so young. Only 32 years old but feel like I'm in my 60's.

Sitting, standing and walking has to be done precisely and be altered for better comfort. It all started on my left ankle soon after the accident. It was managable at that time. 4 year'sdown the line now i have hip pain on the left side. The pain in the left ankle has grown to a disturbing amount. My right ankle though with lower pain but has also joined the club.

The meds don't seem to work anymore. So many sleepless nights. I didn't know that you could feel the pain even during your sleep. Results is fatigue all the time. Not to mention the forgetfulness thats making my life a misery. Socialising has become boring so j prefer being alone with my head sets listening to some good music. It's my own space and love the fact that you dont get judged by anyone.

Pain has not just become part of my life but it has become a part of me. Taking 1 day at a time is the best. Understanding what flares up your pain and minimizing the flare ups is the number 1 priority.

With OA everyday is a mystery and you never know what tomorrow holds hence we do our best today and pray for a better tomorrow.