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Can you please advise on trying to get a vaccine for a 16yr old living in an immunosuppressed household . —- we have tried the GP surgery who says it hasn’t received any authorisation for vaccinating under 18yr olds and is not doing any more clinics anyway . Advised to try phoning 119 and they have referred back to GP .

My son has fairly recently been diagnosed and started on immunosuppressants — as yet he has tablets prescribed from hospital and will be checked with blood test etc. — his 16 ur old son , my grandson , it seems , should be able to have vaccine before goes to 6th form college in September , but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere . Could you please give any Help .

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    Good Morning @Pammie

    Welcome to the online Community. I see you have asked the helpline for some advice regarding vaccinations for your Grandson, living with your son, who is starting immunosuppressing medication. It sounds as though your research so far has been frustrating.

    While you are waiting for the helpline team to respond do please have a look around the forum.

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  • Hi @Pammie,

    Thanks for contacting us about Covid19 vaccinations for your grandson. Sounds like a difficult time for you all. As he is over 16 and lives with someone with an increased risk due to their immune suppression, he falls under group 6 and should be able to get his vaccine just now via your GP.

    The section you need to look at in the following link is titled “When will people with arthritis receive the vaccine.”

    Covid19 Updates

    You will also find information on the government website stating that 12-17 year olds living with immunocompromised adults or children should be vaccinated.

    Gov.UK Covid Guidance

    I hope that this helps in your efforts to get him vaccinated.

    If you require any further information, please contact us again, you could also call us on 0800 520 0520. You can find more information about conditions, treatments and our work on our website.


    Best wishes,

    Helpline Advisor, Gillian

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    Thank you for your reply and help , we will now try again via the surgery / GP . . — will get back to you if we do not get anywhere —

    Thanking You ,

    yours faithfully ,

    Pamela Dumbleton .