Refrigeration for meds


I started on Amgevita a few weeks ago,it needs to be stored at 2-8 degrees C so household fridge is where it is at the moment. As it's not the biggest fridge I do struggle for space for the meds at times,also it's maybe not ideal for them as I didn't realise how much we open and shut it too so temp does vary a fair bit.

I researched a little and found "Lifeinabox" online,they make a little device designed originally for insulin pens to run at 2-8 C but they say it can also be used for any other pens that need this temp.

Before I splash out (it's not cheap,but then neither is the medication) have you heard of this device and what advice you may have is appreciated.




  • Hi @KazandNoo,

    Thanks for your post. Looks a really interesting device for those of you who need to keep your medicines cool.

    We don’t have any information regarding this particular one, but I have a link for you showing other available ways of keeping medication cool.

    Keeping your Insulin cool

    What we would suggest is that whatever device you end up buying you make sure it will  hold your Amgevita prescription.


    If you require any further information, please contact us again, you could also call us on 0800 520 0520. You can find more information about conditions, treatments and our work on our website.

    Best wishes,

    Helpline Advisor, Gillian