Sorry to go on talking about knees locking up and flair ups ect

Iam sorry for going on about flair ups and knee locking ect and iam very grateful for all the advice but I just need to know is there anything you can do to help manage knee locking and knees giving way and flair ups or is it something that I Will have to live with Thankyou so much


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    So far as I know you will have to live with it until such time as you get a replacement sad though it is: look on the bright side, it is just your knees! Try asking your GP for a referral to get some custom made knee braces, it takes some time as they come from Iceland (the Country not the shop!!), my Baby Sister has stage 4 OA in her knees and has such braces which help her a lot, she is 59 and was told 2 years ago that she will have to wait until she is 67 for knee replacements. We are both skint so there is no hope of her going private.

  • Well jadelady i have been on here a bit longer than you but best bit of advice i can give you is GET ON WITH YOU LIFE...

    Like the young lad on here with the great story's they are great but you said they wouldn't do the knee oops because of your BMI so lose weight diet and get to RNOH they will tell you straight lose weight of no opp..

    I have seen it with my own journey

    Over weight think the surgeon owes them no they don't i was 1 stone over bmi its your life take charge off your life you only get one diet but enjoy your path..

    And if the haters come out ...

    Bi lateral wrist fusion..

    Bi lateral knee replacement and double.ankle.fusion well versed gor change

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    Jadelady, I don't remember you ever saying you were overweight so perhaps the last poster was confusing you with someone else.

    Try not to worry about your knees. Do your exercises, check out some walking aids , maybe ask to be referred to an occupational therapist for advice on them. You'll have flares if you overdo things but, remember, sometimes it's worth it😊

    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Hullo Jadelady. Just a note to suggest that IF you (or any of us) are overweight, a simple way of addressing it is an 8hour diet: Have the meals you need within eight hours - and then have not a scrap more! Only drinks. There is no need to go hungry, eat within reason, and then STOP! The benefit is soon felt in increased wellbeing. I am aiming for a 6hour diet, but that's a hazy dream yet! 😄. Best wishes.

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    Hi just to say Iam overweight but Iam on a low carb diet and lost 5 Stone in a year thanks to wight management and iam still loseing Thankyou for all your help and advice Iam learning to manage the oa taking things slowly and one day at a time

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    5 stone? Wow @Jadelady73 you're a star! Well done!

    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Fantastic @Jadelady73 ! Well done! Like you say, one day at a time with your knees, hope you're still getting out and about

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    Well done on shifting 5 stone, what an achievement.

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    My Goodness 5 stone you are amazing @Jadelady73 !!! I think I've said before to you to get yourself some walking aids you do NOT want to fall!



    Toni xxx