Lupus, maybe?

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Hello. I've been suffering with undiagnosed joint issues for a number of years. The pattern is usually, I have a few appointments that end in an x-ray and examination that are inconclusive. It started in my 20s with hands, 30s knees and now in my early 50s most joints and all over hours of stiffness including muscles. My new Dr is great and has taken it more seriously with x-rays and a number of blood tests. The only thing showing up is a slight indication of lupus. Funny, I've researched everything but lupus over the years. Now I've looked at the symptoms, I seem to be a good match. My Dr wants to retest me in three months. I'm wondering if I should push for a referral to a specialist at this point. My Dr is fantastic but he admitted, he'd never diagnosed lupus before. Any thoughts?