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I have an underlying connective tissue disorder that seems to be accelerating my aging process! I have Spondylitis, and a lot of degenerative things going on all over especially in my wrist ankles knees and shoulder. Struggling with pain which isn’t being helped by online physio appointments.


  • HI @Saxntrax77 and welcome to the online community!

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues but rest assured that you have come to the right place! It certainly isn't easy at the moment with things still not quite being back to normal, and I know how difficult it can be trying to keep motivated with online physio.

    You mention struggling with pain, something that many of our fabulous members are all too familiar with. I'm not sure what you may have already tried but here is a link to some of our advice which could be of some use:

    Could this also be of interest to you at all?

    I'm sure that you will also receive contributions from our members who could offer advice or just a listening ear. Is there a specific area where the pain is at its worst or slightly harder to manage? Does your GP or specialist know that the physio doesn't seem to be very effective for you? They may be able to look at other ways of helping you through this.

    We're a very friendly bunch here, so do feel free to just post, chat, involve yourself in the community whenever you are comfortable. There is always someone ready and waiting to listen here.

    It's lovely to meet you, take care,