Dealing with swollen ankles and feet


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Please please help, I've got RA and I'm still waiting for my appointment to see the specialist. The problem I have is my ankles and feet are swollen and I'm unable to walk or stand and I'm in so much pain it's becoming unbearable, my doctor has put me on tramadol but this isn't doing anything.


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    Tramadol is a strong ' painkiller' (If only they did!) but won't treat your actual disease. Unfortunately, if this will be your first rheumatology appointment, Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDS) can take some time to kick in once we start on them so you really need to try to do something to alleviate your pain in the meantime.

    If tramadol isn't helping there are other painkillers which your GP can prescribe. But standing and walking are essential so wear a pair of strong, supportive shoes even in the house and even if it means temporarily buying a pair a size bigger that usual. Never wear slippers which give no protection to the foot. And do try some of Versus Arthritis' foot exercises Go gently at first. Just do a few. Little and often is better than one big push which wrecks us for the rest of the day😀

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    Hello! Good to be back - and to find familiar names (Stickwicket) 😀

    I have RA and also osteo-arthritis. I have a swollen and very painful ankle, which became much worse over the Covid months. Movement is restricted, and it directly affects my life. Apparently it's osteo-arthritis, not RA, but interestingly, as my recent RA flare-up in my hands subsided, my ankle also became slightly less painful and more manageable again. Not logical - but when has arthritis ever been logical!

    My point is that we can have more than one type of arthritis. What about speaking to your GP and trying to arrange an X-ray as soon as possible?

    I'm now on the list for an ankle replacement although it might be a year before this happens. Sticky's advice is spot on! I also wear orthotics, and I find that heat helps.

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    Thanks for your advice, I'm seeing the the specialist on the 23rd of September for the first time I'm hoping that they will give me an x-ray and find out abit more on what is going on