Swimming and artheritis

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I had a go at scuba diving before lockdown we are now restarting but after much thought pros and cons its not for me i still want to be a member would swimming benefit me more i have osteoarteritis in my hip its got progressively worse


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    Hi @lisa51

    Welcome to the online community,glad to see you posting.

    You want to know if swimmimg would help your Osteoarthritis

    Why is swimming good for people with arthritis? (versusarthritis.org)

    Hope this link helps you. Dont forget to go to our forum to chat with others it really helps to talk with like minded people. Please let us know how you get on

    All the best Christine

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    Over the last66 years I have tried many sports, pastimes and hobbies and can say, reluctantly that not many have done me much good. Swimming can be good but as with all physical acts you have to take into consideration your condition and know your limits and work within them. The temptation is to try and do more than you can and end up in a downward spiral of pain and frustration. It’s a well known fault of us arthers. Try going to somewhere low-key with shallow water that’s warm and rather than swimming just move around in the water, tread water and float, it will still provide non-weight bearing exercise and give you some idea of what to follow up with?

    beware the mind, it will lead you astray, if you want to know more I’ll tell you the story of a man with an ego…….🤣.

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