Relationship with a chronic illness

I have recently been diagnosed with OA and fibro.

I had JRA as a child however was fine for ten years until till January where I had a massive flare up leaving me now with continued pain and mobility issues. following the flare up I got diagnosed with OS and fibro I and ONLY 26!

I am trying to my best daily to help my conditions and add lifestyle changes to help.

with the conditions I still get times where I am unable to cope and need to go to bed, sleep longer, tired and unable to do things, miss activities or social events,

I have a long term partner however he is really struggling to come with terms with this as it’s only been the last year I have been experiencing these symptoms.

he works late and we argue about me staying up to see him. I do try sometimes but it’s more often than not I am unable to and will effect the day if I didn’t

Am I not being considerate or is there a way I can get my partner to understand?

how do you deal with your symptoms in a relationship ?

many advice would be very grateful