please wish me luck

Tomorrow I have finally got an appt with the orpho surgeon. I last saw him about 5 years ago and he did not feel a knee replacement was right for me despite being grade 3/4 arthritis as I am also hypermobile and was 44... now I am older, my knee is worse- I cannot even walk short distances without paying for it for days.

I had a lateral release and a TTT surgery on my knee as due to the hypermobility it also subluxates a LOT - it improved it at the time but now I'm back to how I was but worse.

Didn't help I put on a lot of weight over last 15 months as have been unable to exercise due to knee but I've lost over 2 stone since the end of April so I am praying its enough of a loss for them to do something for my knee.

please wish me luck. I am so nervous.


  • Lilymary
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    I hope the consultation goes well for you, that you are listened to, and that you and your ortho consultant find a good way forward for you. I’ll keep everything crossed for you!

  • Jona
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    Good luck 🤞

  • MissA
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    Good luck & well done on the weight loss. I know it’s not easy to lose the weight when your mobility’s restricted. I hope everything goes ok for you.

  • Ellen
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    Best of luck @sunnyside2 fingers crossed for you.


  • Mike1
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    Good luck!

  • sunnyside2
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    Thank you all. it went well, I was able to explain how it is effecting me , was examined and he has referred me for an mri of knee and an x ray of the hip so can see what is going on and what is right to do. such a relief

  • Lilymary
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    That’s good news Sunnyside, hope your next appointments come through quickly