Erosive arthritis

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Hi there, I've very recently been diagnosed with erosive arthritis tho several years ago I was also diagnosed with bursitis in my hips and spine.

Suffice to say, my doctors have been lax with the erosive diagnoses, two years ago I complained about my fingers and was just fobbed off, this time however I went armed with pics of my hands from 4 years ago, so it was clearly visible!.

I am currently on Codeine for the pain as Naproxen doesn't seem to touch me and also because I also have hiatus hernia and ibs, my stomach can't tolerate naproxen for very long, the Codeine works a little better however this leaves me constipated.

I would really like other members help and advice on how they deal with the painful flare-ups as I feel I am in limbo at the moment.

Thanks everyone x


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    Hi @Awesomeanji firstly let me welcome you to the forum I hope you find the information and support you are after from our wonderful community. I can see from your post that you have recently been diagnosed with Erosive Arthritis on top of a number of other conditions, with a number of complications. The site is full of information unfortunately there is not much information on our site about erosive arthritis which I have found is a form of osteoarthritis of the hands, with similar pain etc to other hand OA. As such I am adding a couple of links below to OA hand and tips to help this.


    Please feel free to search the forum for others with similar experiences and I am sure that some of our community will be able to help offer some useful suggestions. To help this I am moving this to a public forum so others can find this. Take care and I hope you get some relief and answers soon.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Ah, codeine and constipation. A constant battle. I found a combination of senokot (to get things moving) and cosmocol or (same thing, but cosmocol tastes better) to keep the stools soft seemed to work. Getting the balance right could be challenging, to avoid the awkward consequences of overdoing it.

    I see Joe has given you some info on hands and wrists, but I’m sorry to hear about your hips and spine. My dodgy hip was first diagnosed as bursitis but when they xrayed it a year later it was clear that it was actually advanced osteoarthritis. This can only be confirmed by X-ray, so if it’s getting really bad it might be worth asking for further investigation by X-ray.

  • Awesomeanji

    Thanks for the advice lilymary, have to say hips have good days and bad, as an ex-dancer it was inevitable, I dont give in easily!. I stay as mobile as possible, if I sits, I sets!. I give myself ballet exercises to do every morning. I constantly listen to music in the day, my feet can't help themselves, they move!.

    Spoke to my Doc today, told him that codeine wasn't really controlling the pain and that as a result I had put myself on Solpedine Max which appears to be working much better for me, I was taking 4 × 15mg daily of codeine and although its only been 2 days taking Solpedine, those 2 days have been so much better however time will tell!.

    As per your advice regarding constipation, I will be contacting my surgery in the morning and requesting Molaxole as this is far more tolerant on my ibs. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post.