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Hi , I was diagnosed with oestoarthritis five years ago , I've had two partial knee replacements over the past four years . Would like any advice on how to manage pain in wrists and fingers as just recently it's got worse . During lockdown I was supposed to get an occupational health appointment for splints , but to date not heard anything .


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    Hi @Sue61 and welcome to the online community,

    You were diagnosed with osteoarthritis five years ago and would like advice on how to manage pain in your wrists and fingers, which has recently got worse.

    I'm sure many of our members will be pleased to share their experiences on managing their pain - all our members know what it's like to live with some form of arthritis and between us have a wide variety of tips and suggestions.

    You might be interested to look at the Versus Arthritis webpage that deals with managing wrist and finger pain - it offers some suggestions for self help as well as discussing other treatments. Splints can be really helpful - I use them occasionally at night to rest my hands in bed - so hopefully your appointment with Occupational Health will soon arrive. Perhaps you could phone your GP to find out whether they can chase the appointment?

    Do have a look round the forum - everyone is very friendly - and join in whenever you feel comfortable.

    Anna (Mod)

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    Anna I contacted GP yesterday prescribed some anti inflammatory tablets and pain killers , she's going to chase up the occupational therapy appointment for me .

    Thank you