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hi I' here my doctor thinks I have rhumatised arthritis this has been going on for over a year but me being me just chose to take painkillers and try deal with it. The last four weeks have been very painful it effects my hands elbows my right foot my neck and shoulders .I have spoken to my doctor a few times but because of the covid I am having to wait three weeks for blood test he has prescribed me naproxen 500 mg but these really do not help very much .I'm feeling very sorry for myself atm as I am struggling with very stiff fingers and hands also I live alone so that adds to my pity for myself .I am so glad I have found this forum and thanks for listening to my moaning ❤


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    Welcome to the forum, @kaza68. If, as your GP suspects, you do have RA, you need to see a consultant to get a confirmed diagnosis. There are treatments available that will tackle the root cause and could mean that you do not have to rely on painkillers.

    Here are some links to information from our website:

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


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    thank you can I just ask if anyone knows if a very traumatic incident that happened to me three years ago can have any bearing on my situation o do struggle with acute anxiety which has been diagnosed by my gp I do take meds for this thanks

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    Hi kazza68:

    welcome to the forum, I wouldn’t speculate wait till you have your blood tests they will show high crp and esr the rheumatologist can also tell from your ana blood test along with all your symptoms although saying that my inflammation markers were high but told osteoarthritis rather than RA

    Im sorry you had a traumatic experience I think with anxiety things always seem worse but wait till you see rheumatologist if it is then it’s treatable it’s the not knowing that used to make me anxious

    take care

    Jona 💐💐

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    Hi Kaza68,

    I am sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment with your aches and pains, I know from personal experience how wearing pain can be, poor you!!

    I was diagnosed 7 years ago with RA after suffering with various different symptoms over a period of a year like yourself. It was my fault for not getting myself checked out earlier, but after the Doctor first said it was just wear and tear which I knew it wasn't, and then further more detailed blood tests it came to light that my inflammation levels were very high hence RA was bandied around as probably what I was suffering with. I then began the journey leading me to 7 years down the line relatively pain free the majority of the time, Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine assisting me on this journey so far.

    I'm sure once you receive a proper diagnosis and are given the right medication to get things under control you will soon start improving. It is all very overwhelming in the beginning and there is a lot to take in, I wanted to ask all sorts of questions, how did I get this disease, why me, why now etc etc? I have only recently joined this site as I have been finding things difficult emotionally since the pandemic began and have been looking for somewhere to chat to like minded people and share life's ups and downs with.

    You take care, and look forward to hearing how things go with you.

    Big hugs to you xx