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I am 76 and have osteoarthritis in my left hip and am waiting on a rather long list to have it repaired.

Unfortunately I also have atrial fibrillation and a pacemaker which means that I have to be allocated to the main hospital where there are ICU facilities available. Otherwise I could probably go to the local Nuffield which would be a lot quicker!

I do pilates every day which the surgeon says will slow down the progress, but I need a painkiller beforehand. This exercise means that I can still get upstairs OK, and my pain is mainly at night.

I have co-codamol and paracetamol for pain but unfortunately I cannot tolerate co-codamol at night as it gives me bad dreams. Alternatives are limited as I have to take blood-thinners because of the AF. So I am wondering if anybody can suggest anything else which I could talk to my doctor about which would help at night.

I would also appreciate any information about special toilet seats which I understand are available from somewhere.

Thanks for any help.