Anti inflammatory diet


hello, can you recommend an anti inflammatory recipe book? I’m looking at this to coincide with my medications. I’m newly diagnosed. Thanks.


  • Hi @Lizzyloo48

    Welcome to our wonderful online community! I personally don't have any recommendations for this but I'm also interested in this thread! I'm sure there are many people here who have experience in different diets etc. that they have tried before so they may be able to point us both in the right direction!

    We do have this interesting read on our site about using diet to help with arthritis:

    I've also heard a lot of people mention turmeric- not sure if this is something that you would try? Just the other day my friend said that she sells turmeric lattes in her café (but I hate lattes so I'll pass on that one). The NHS England website speaks about ensuring that you have a healthy, balanced diet with arthritis but we all know that and yet we are still drawn to the biscuit tin 😁

    It's great to have you here and to see you posting. Do please keep chatting to us, and let us know if you find any super helpful dietary advice while our wonderful members get back to us!

    Take care,