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HI all,

I have not received a diagnosis as of yet, I am awaiting Xrays, However I experience stiffness around my lower back, left hip area and can't kneel down at all on my right knee due to discomfort. I experience very little pain, but the stiffness can be quite sore and limiting. I may go into a shop feeling fine, by the time I come out, I can barely walk with the discomfort. all my inflammory markers in my bloods are within the normal range. I also experience severe burning in the soles of my feet. I have got a cream for G.P which has definitely helped however it does not completely eliminate it, Has anyone with a diagnosis experienced similar symtpoms to this.?



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    Hi @sineadcg

    Welcome to the online community,good to see you posting.You say that you have not had a diagnosis yet,but feel stiffness around the lower back and right knee and prolonged walking is very uncomfortable and all your inflammory markers appear normal.

    You ask has anyone had symptoms like yours at the beginning of their journey.You can only but ask people on our forums who are all friendly and willing to chat and talk about their various symptoms.

    Here is a link that may helpArthritis | Causes, symptoms, treatment | Versus Arthritis

    While you await your diagnosis just go onto our forum and chat with others.

    Please keep in touch and all the best

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