Neck pain

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Hi, would anyone have any information or exercise that could help Neck pain .



  • Hi @Bazza, welcome to the Online Community! It's lovely to have you here.

    I see you're looking for advice about improving neck pain. Here are 2 links that I think might be helpful:

    Please do let us know how you get on, and feel free to join in with any discussions you like on the Online Community.

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)

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    Hello am new any one would like to chat


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    Hi @Pioneer

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for posting. We are a friendly bunch and always looking to make new friends.

    Please feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey with arthritis. A much as you feel comfortable sharing, that is.

    Is there anything that you are looking for help or advice in? If so, please don't hesitate to ask one of us. There is a lot of interesting and helpful information on our main Versus Arthritis website that you may want to take a look at when you have a chance, if you have not already done so.

    Please feel free to get involved in the other discussions going on, or start a new one if you prefer.

    I hope that you will find this a safe and secure place that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    OA in the neck is one of my issues as I now have it in every joint as well as DFJD! Ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic if you have not been already as they are the experts in pain management and will be able to try different drugs and treatments which may help. Also get a referral to an Occupational Therapist, I did when all else failed and she prescribed me a cervical collar which I wear when my neck is not otherwise supported (i.e. not sitting in my recliner or wheelchair) and it really helps. I also have sleeping issues, I got about 3 hours last night and woke up screaming in pain from my neck as usual, luckily my cat was out so I didn't disturb her! There are neck exercises detailed on here but mine is so bad I have been told not to do any. I hope I may have offered some advice.