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Hello diagnosed with severe arthritis in left hip 8 months ago. Have tried numerous medications including morphine patches and nothing works! Can no longer drive, only walk around the house and everyday pain seems to be worse! At my wits end.


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    Hi @Nicj and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I see that you have arthritis in your hip and are struggling to find medication that works for you. In addition, your mobility has also been severely limited.

    This link to our website provides a wealth of information regarding pain management which you may find useful:

    This link provides general information on OA of the hip including treatments and exercise suggestions:

    If you browse the forum you should find other discussions that are relevant to your condition which may help you decide what to do next, here’s an example:

    I hope you find joining the forum beneficial. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi @Nicj , sorry to hear you’re struggling so much. It’s wretched. Have you been referred for surgery yet? Either steroid injection or, ultimately, hip replacement surgery? Sadly the waiting lists are depressing atm, but the links Chris has provided will give you a lot of info to help you through this difficult stage.

    Sadly most people will tell you that all pain relief can do with arthritis is knock the edge off the pain. But do keep reviewing your pain meds with your GP/consultant, and ask to be referred to a pain clinic if you can’t get it under control enough to have some semblance of an active life.

    Use all walking aids necessary to keep yourself getting about, and get a physio to prepare an exercise regime to strengthen the muscles around your hip, which will also help keep you going. (This should be reviewed from time to time as your mobility changes).

    Gentle exercise is also good both to ease off muscles that tighten up because of the pain, and to build up muscle strength to support the affected joints. The "Lets move with Leon" series on this site is good - you can make it as gentle as you need it to be and it's quite good fun. It also helps to take your focus away from your pain, which will make it fade into the background. Distraction like this is an excellent tool for pain relief. It can be anything from a bit of gardening, knitting, crafting, reading, watching tv, cooking, whatever floats your boat really. I've certainly found it helpful at times.