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Hello , I have just been diagnosed with AS (5 days ago) and I'm feeling very emotional and a bit overwhelmed by everything just now. I've been on Hydroxychloroquine for 8 years for autoimmune connective tissue disease and then when they thought I had arthritis and were finding it difficult to manage my pain I was started on Methotrexate (3 months ago) which if I'm being honest hasn't really helped but after an MRI and genetic tests I have now been told it is AS, which was devastating as it was the one thing I said I didn't want to have. I am going to be started on Adalimumab, so fingers crossed this one helps! I am worried as I have a physical job and I don't know how this will be affected by the condition as I've struggled at work recently with pain and fatigue.

Can anyone offer any tips on how to deal with the emotional side of a diagnosis as I'm finding that really difficult , thanks.


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    Hi @Gillyg welcome to the Online Community, lovely to have you here.

    I understand that you have just had a diagnosis for Ankylosing spondylitis, which is causing pain and fatigue at work. It can be a real shock to be given a diagnosis and naturally upsetting and worrying. You might find some of the information on our website helpful in understanding AS:

    Adalimumab is a drug that can help prevent your condition causing damage to your body and is a type of drug known as a biological therapy. You can find out more about it here:

    The emotional effects of arthritis can have as much impact as physical symptoms. There are some really useful tips that may be of some help here - what I find works best is talking about what is upsetting me and getting help from others: Emotional wellbeing | Support, self-help | Versus Arthritis

    Do join in across the community. Ask questions and don't hesitate to look for help from other members. Do say how you are getting on and call in for a chat or a read. You will be most welcome.

    All best wishes


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    Hi Gillyg,

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis of AS. I hope the consultants manage to get things under control for you soon. I have RA and know when I was first diagnosed 7 years ago I didn't even really acknowledge what I was being told at the time it all went over my head as I think I was in shock really and couldn't take all the news in. Emotionally it can knock you for six!! I'm sending you a big hug, and hope you soon feel a bit brighter.

    I have recently joined the VA community on here myself as I was looking to talk to like minded people who could empathise, and offer support/help/advice etc if I needed it. It's been a difficult time for us all during this current pandemic, and we all need to talk sometimes.

    Take care, XX