Pre op assessment

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Just got a hospital letter for pre op assessment next month. This is much sooner than I had feared so pleasantly surprised but making it all very real rather than something that will happen years ahead. I imagine surgery won't be too long after pre op assessment or else they would need to re do it all again nearer the time.


  • stickywicket
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    That's true. Sometimes they do have to be repeated but I think one good thing about covid is that they do try to ensure they don't have to bring people back. Good luck!

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    I was like you, I got my appointment for pre op without them telling me I had a date for the op (which was just 3 weeks later!). Get in touch with the hospital to see if they have date date for surgery lined up.

  • Henrietta
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    Thanks Lilymary and Sticky wicket

    I think ignorance is bliss at the moment. I am supposed to be starting a new job after my holiday in early september. I have told the agency I have an apt and they know I have hip issue but if they know I am likely to be off imminently for 6 weeks or more I will probably not be able to start my new joba nd I need those extra 2 or 3 weeks of pay.

    That brings me on to the question of sick pay. As I am employed through agency/s who I haven't been with for very long I presume I will get nothing from my work for sickness. Will I be entitled to statutory sick pay or is this means tested in any way?