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    Hi @Beano100

    Welcome to the online community,what a lot you are going through at the moment,what with RA and the worry over money and heating bills aswell as food bills, it is hard to make ends meet for a lot of people. You are obviously apprehensive and anxious.

    In some areas there are community centers that give at least one meal a day,you could maybe check that out.There are also Food banks and services like community fridges that could help with food.also Citizens advice would point you towards help aswell,they are all in the local telephone book if you find it hard to get out.

    Here is a link that may be useful to you.

    Our forums are there for you to chat to people who understand what you are going through as everyone has different forms ao arthritis they also will give advice and help.

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi all, I have RA, I already had arthritis in my spine, my legs but then my hands started to lock, I could not move my fingers first thing in the morning and it takes time for my legs to wake up and I now need help getting in and out of bed I've already had a double heart attack and then a stroke it just seems one thing after another I'm fear of my electricity and gas bill coming through the door my bills was £170 this time last year a month what's it going to be now I've already cut down on food I have one hot meal every 2 days I have some digestive biscuits 2 times a day the £150 we got off the government was a joke and this £400 is a joke my bills this year are 3 times of what they were last year and the energy companies are getting away with holding us to ransome Conservatives don't care all there heating bills are paid for even £300.000 for one MPs horses to be heated in the winter they don't pay gas or electricity so they just don't care I can't afford to buy new batteries for my disability scooter there £900 how the hell they came to this I will never know I have not been able to afford to charge them up since march last year so now the £900 batteries are dead it stinks

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    I really like the article about emotional wellbeing. I think to be in touch with our own feelings is important as it can then become like an early warning system that conditions are becoming worse, and knowing what to do, we can near enough pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps before it gets even more worse. My first feeling after catching arthritis was I become old overnight. I regularly check now if I am not feeling at my best.