PsA - Sulfasalazine and also Uveitis


Hello all,

My partner started on Sulfasalazine about 6 months ago after nasty side effects from Methotrexate (oral and sub-cut).

He now has suspected side effects from Sulfasalazine. The main been EPIC mouth ulcers! The GP reported it as thrush, the pharmacist said it's not the treatment as side effect not listed unlike methotrexate... I wasn't convinced so we asked the consultant who hasn't accepted of denied the side effect but is saying to move to biological.

Has anyone else had any side effects from Sulfasalazine not listed? Or had mouth ulcers from it?

Uveitis - has anyone had this with PsA? Please can you share your symptoms and journey?

Many Thanks all



  • pisica
    pisica Member Posts: 19

    I had atrocious mouth ulcers on Sulfasalazine. I'd never had one in my life before, and suddenly I'd have about a dozen. It hurt to eat, it hurt to talk, it hurt to swallow. Part of the problem was that my Folate tanked (also because of the Sulfasalazine), but even after that was corrected there wasn't much improvement. It might be worth asking your partner's GP for a folate blood test, as it's an easy fix if it's low. It may not help with the mouth ulcers, but low folate isn't great in itself.

    I've been on Methotrexate for over a year now, and my Rheumy still has me on Folic Acid six days a week. Folate level is fine now, but I still get a couple of ulcers per month. Not sure if I would have on Methotrexate if Sulfasalazine hadn't given my body the idea.

    I've never had Uveitis (yet...), so can't offer any insight there.