Saying Hello.

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Hi Everyone.

I hope you are all well today.

I have just joined this Eve. I have Osteoarthritis in both knees and other joints, both hands and also in past 10 months my arthritis has become aggressively inflammatory. I was referred to Rheumatologist last Oct. I also suffer with lumbar spinal stenosis with multiple disc degeneration too which affected my mobility first.

I am now unable to work and mobility is very poor but pain and fatigue is horrendous most days and nights. I find myself at a very low point now as it’s only in last few months I have been classed as unable to carry out work or any work related activities.

Rheumatologist put me on a short course of steroids along with Sulfasalazine twice a day but after 3 mths not a lot of change, still needing loads of other pain relief with it. Waiting to see Rheumatologist again to see what he says. More of my hands have started being affected too.

Any tips from anyone as to how they cope with pain and need to lose weight to get replacements in knees done too.