Recently diagnosed.

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I was diagnosed about ten weeks ago. I was put on Methotrexate, Hydroxychloroquine and Folic Acid. I have been told this combination can take up to six months to have a noticeable effect. Does anyone have any experience please.


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    Hi @DianeBatcock

    whilst you are waiting for others to share their experiences with you I thought you might fine Aimee's story useful to read. Of course everyone is different

    Lots of people manage very will on methotrexate and it can control arthritis well. Lets us know how you get on

    Best Wishes


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    Thanks, that was very useful.

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    Hi DeeBee1,

    I just thought I'd let you know that I take the same medication for RA. I was first diagnosed 7 years ago, and was suffering a lot with aches and pains etc, all making me very miserable at the time. After starting on this course of tablets and with the addition for a while of some extra pain killers when needed, it didn't seem to take too long for me to start to feel some relief from the pain and then gradually get back to more or less normal. Over the years I have had the odd flare up but nothing too bad. I know everyone's body is different and how they react to different medications etc, and also how severe their RA is, but hopefully things will improve sooner rather than later for you , and you start to feel more normal again. It is not easy being diagnosed with a chronic illness and suddenly having to take various tablets but unfortunately there are a lot of other people who also have to do the same so at least we know we are not alone.

    This is an interesting site to glean lots of information, and also to chat to like minded people who can empathise with what you are going through. I haven't been on this site very long but am glad I joined. It's definitely good to talk sometimes.

    I wish you well, and look forward to hearing how things go.

    Take care,

    Wendy xx