new to this and wonder if anyone can't tolerate cold due to it triggering pain?

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Hi all, I've just found this group and am wondering if I've got something different to OA going on as I just can't go out without my heated jacket on days below 18C - anyone can please help? I've had ablation to the nerves but it's not really working. Anyone else out there have the same symptoms please as I'm feeling such an oddball. I'm such an outdoor person normally and finding everything so restrictive.



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    Hi @nikki777 - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, but you're wondering if you may have something else as well as you have issues with the cold - particularly a problem when going outside.

    You're not alone - firstly lots of people with arthritis of varying kinds have found that different weather affects their pain levels. Sometimes it's a change in pressure from rain or storms, and other times people get more pain in the cold - often a combination of the two, and cold and wet is the signifier for more pain.

    I know there are other members of the community who have increased pain in the cold. There's also the possibility of Raynaud's phenomenon, which is a condition which is extremely related to the cold. Have a look at the below information:

    Booklet on Raynaud's phenomenon:

    Living with OA is all about understanding your triggers, managing around them, and keeping yourself going. It is very possible to have a fit and active lifestyle with OA, but you may have to make adjustments. I'd recommend finding things which can help you go outside and cope with colder temperatures more comfortably which you find less restrictive. It's difficult to find just the right thing you need, but once you do it makes a huge difference to how you feel.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community and join in any conversation you find interesting 😊

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    Hi Shell, thank you, but have the opposite of Raynauds as I actually get hot wearing my heated jacket, which is the only way I can sometimes go outside in the colder weather (below 18C). It's what I refer to as my boil in the bag jacket. It keeps my back warm, but I'm a naturally very warm person, and have always had good circulation. In fact I can't wear the heated pads as they just slide off because I get so hot. I find supermarkets have increased their air conditioning and avoid them now because when I enter the fresh food areas they are so cold that I instantly get a spasm and this can be so bad I need assistance to leave the shop, and then the pain continues for 2hrs-3days without let up. Love to hear from other sufferers so that I don't feel alone in this. I'm also finding it difficult to find an employer who understands my needs. Any suggestions would be great, TIA. :)