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Hi everyone. I’ve had problems with my knee for years. Some years ago I had an arthroscopy where they cleaned the joint out and got rid of some arthritis. I was told then that at some point I would need it replaced but to hang out as long as possible (I’m almost 65 now). Ive managed up till now but it has got a lot worse over the past year or so and the last X-ray was just described as ‘degenerative’. No further action.

I can put up with it for now but although I have a couple of knee supports I wondered if anyone can suggest one that will support my knee when I’m walking distances. I have a basic neoprene one and one from Boots that wraps round and secures with Velcro. After I’ve walked a few hundred yards it is really aching and grinding and then I suffer after. Thanks.


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    I've always used the neoprene ones and found them very useful but only used them for basic stuff eg supermarkets as I have RA and OA in most joints. i think your best bet might be to see a physio and ask for advice. If you can't wait for an NHS one private ones specialising in musculoskeletal problems could do it. My local one only charges about £30, is very thorough and is happy to give me advice and exercises and not assume I want to fork out for further visits.

    Cycling, by the way, is good for knee arthritis.

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