Hi, I have been suffering with RA for 2 years now, I am on Methotrexate and Benepali injections. I have it in virtually every joint in my body. It hit me like a ton of bricks when it came on so suddenly. I also have osteoarthritis in hips.

I went to see hip specialist on Friday as I am in so much pain, I struggle with stairs and walking is down to a mile or so on a good day.

I had xrays which showed I was nearly at the stage for new hips, but he thinks the main pain is from the RA.

Because of my low immunity from the drugs he isnt happy to operate, I also have COPD and stage 3 Kidney function disorder. There was a lot of tears when he told me my only option is to think about my mobility, he mentions sticks and crutches which are both out as I have RA so bad in my hands and shoulders. The next thing he suggested was mobility scooter as at least It wouldnt cause any other pain. Again more tears, I used to climb mountains and do marathon walks so to be told to get this type of aid came as quite a shock.

I am going to speak to Rheumatology on Monday and see if they have any other suggestions of extra treatment or if I should consider the other option.

Has anyone else had this happen to them please. Thanks for listening x


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    Hello @silverlady welcome to the online community again,

    I see that you are struggling with a number of conditions that must be extremely challenging. The hip specialist is reluctant to operate to relieve your hip problems because the inflammation caused by the RA means that sticks and crutches are not effective means of mobility for you. The mobility scooter he recommends sounds a useful alternative. However for someone who has climbed mountains and achieved marathon walks it will take a big mental and physical shift to adjust to that. I have a friend with reduced mobility and chronic inflammation of her lungs as you do and she now loves her mobility scooter because it means she can get out and about and see so many more people on her travels. So for some there are always plus points!

    It is good news that you have a Rheumatology appointment tomorrow and will be able to take along a list of questions to be discussed. Do let us know how you get on. There will be members who share similar experiences to yours and I hope you will join us again soon when we can offer you friendship and support .

    Good luck tomorrow,

    Take Care


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