Do knees always give way with oa


Hi. I have oa in my knees and I have heard that they can give way does this happen all the time or not mine are ok so far


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    Hi @Blueskyday68

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    I have OA as well, I have one new knee (Daisy) and am trying to wait as long as I can for the next one. My knee did sometimes give way, but only when I was years into my diagnosis, some people don't have that problem at all. Exercising is really important to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint, it sounds like you have strong support already so keeping it up is really good.

    Here is our booklet on knee osteoarthritis which covers pain management and ways to keep your knees in the best health possible.

    Here is a story by Charles who has knee OA

    Do look around and please join in welcoming new members and sharing your story

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