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    Hello @Spartan70

    Lovely to meet you, I hope you feel able to share your story of life with arthritis in your next comment.

    I'm Yvonne and I have widespread OA amongst a couple of other related conditions, my main issues are fatigue and losing my nouns, I find them very tricky at times! I also have pain a lot of the time but my GP is really helpful and friendly and we have found the best combination for me.

    Here is the information from our website about arthritis

    Do join in welcoming other new members and check out all the categories, where I'm sure you will find something to comment on.

    Looking forward to your next post

    Yvonne x

  • Nffcdave80

    Hello everybody,

    I'm 41 and had both my hips replaced 3 years ago 4 months apart due to osteoarthritis. Since then I have been worse then I was pre op. Now my consultant believes I might have rheumatoid arthritis as I suffer with what feels like every joint especially my hands and back. I haven't been to work since the end of May and my wife does not understand what I go through every day. Pain, depression feeling alone etc etc Currently awaiting a referral to see a rheumatologist. How do other people cope.

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    Hi @Nffcdave80

    Welcome to the online community,you are going through a lot at the moment and i can understand why you feel so dispondant.We are here to help as much as we can,we have all suffered moments of dispondancy and not seeming to cope and for myself i find this forum and all the discussions an uplifting experience as it always hits the spot when i find my arthritis a bit too much to bear.

    You want to know how others cope with it all,i am sure as you have asked everyone will chat and give advice to help you.Here is a link that may help with the pain

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (versusarthritis.org)

    Arthritis and depression: what you can do about it (versusarthritis.org)

    Please let us know how you get on and keep in touch,also chat on our forums which are full of people just waiting to help and come along side of you.

    Hope all goes well for you Christine

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