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I was diagnosed in December last year, I've had knee surgery, but have found it difficult to get moving again, I do the exercises but nothing helps, I'm getting more and more sedentary which I know isn't helping either. I'm now waiting to see the doctor again as I've developed hip problems. My consultant wouldn't do anything to help when I told him; I just feel so alone and very little help.


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Jane1965

    Welcome to the online community. I am presuming you have Osteoarthritis and had knee surgery last year and now your hip seems to be joining in.

    Was you consultant the orthopaedic surgeon you saw for your knee? Or was it a specific referral by your GP?

    If I am reading rightly you are seeing your GP again to get the hip issues assessed again? I hope this is the case and you will get some help, maybe some imaging done so you know what is happening and then referred to a consultant about this specific issue

    In the meantime you are absolutely right getting more and more sedentary won't help. You might find this:

    useful. You can do as little or as much as you can manage. I have done the programme myself and the sense of achievement, taking back control of your life is wonderful.

    I'll leave you now to meet our members.

    Best wishes


  • Lilymary
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    Hi Jane

    I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Arthritis can get you like that, particularly if you're finding it harder to get out and about.

    In addition to Ellen's excellent suggestions, I'd recommend seeing a good physio, who can assess both your knee and your hips and recommend specific exercises suitable to your current condition, which should get a better range of movement and weight bearing in your knee and build up the muscles around your hips to better support that joint also. But you do need to stick with them. While the exercises may seem a bit feeble ("surely this isn't going to make any difference?" will go through your mind) if you do them as recommended by your physio, over a period of up to 2-3 months, it does help. It will also make you feel you're taking control of your condition, which gives a mental boost. NHS physios are hard to find at the mo, but private sports physios aren't that expensive and most are doing face to face appointments. (Don't be put off by "sports" - they also look at "normal" creaky people like us.)

    The Let's Move with Leon exercises are as gentle as you need them to be, but you can gradually build them up, and they're also quite good fun. He does them with his mum, who shows the easier option for less mobile Movers, so do give them a go. I always find I feel better after one of his sessions. It also helps ease out all the other muscles that have scrunched up from too much time on the sofa.

    But also try to be kind to yourself. Your body needs some help at the moment, which might be rest, gentle exercise, good quality food, and new activities to boost your mood and slowly increase your activity levels. Doesn't have to be anything dramatic, take up a new craft, potter in the garden, visit a friend for coffee, whatever you'd enjoy. Working through the depression can also affect how your body copes, so you'll feel better inside and outside.

    Keep talking on here, we all know how rubbish arthritis makes us feel. I hope your visit to your GP is helpful, and that they can review your pain meds as well.

    LM x