Methotrexate Injections


I have been doing methotrexate injections for nearly 3 months and I have no improvement at all, absolutely no difference. Has anybody else found this ?


  • stickywicket
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    I've not had meth by injection, just tablets but, if you feel you've no improvement after three months you should really contact your rheumatology team.

    If your inflammatory levels are high you might need a spot of tweaking - a higher dose or another med adding.

    If your inflammatory levels are OK it might be that OA has crept in too. It can if our inflammatory arthritis has not been under good control for some time. Quite a few of us have 'done the double'. But you do need to ask those in the know what your situation is.

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  • pisica
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    Three months is about the outside limit of how long you can expect something to take to start working. As @stickywicket says, contacting your Rheumy is the way to go. If you don't have a way of contacting them directly, try going through your GP.

  • Moonshaddow

    Thanks for your reply’s, sorry I should of said I have OA and psoriatic (or rheumatoid) arthritis (the various consultants I’ve seen change their minds) my rheumatology nurse was concerned that there was no improvement so referred me for an appt with consultant. I saw a different consultant (again !!!) who decided that despite the evidence and previous diagnosis that the pain pain I am suffering is only 10% caused by arthritis and I’m actual fact my fatigue and pain is caused by depression!!!! I am not depressed, sure I have low days with the pain and not being able to do the crafts I love but I am definitely not depressed - I have clarified this with a GP. I have low thyroid test results which my GP is trying to sort out. I left the consultants office feeling extremely angry !! I feel as though I have been dismissed as an over weight, neurotic, depressed Middle Aged woman who is making a fuss about nothing!! So just wanted to know if anyone else has not responded to methotrexate so I can phone him up and put him straight !!! Sorry for the long post 😘