Hi how do I go about getting mobility allowance please


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    Hi, there is no such thing as Mobility Allowance, Personal Independence Payment is probably what you are referring to; there are two elements, the first being Living and the second being Mobility, full details are at

  • Thanks for reply, I am 73 and have been told I can get allowance towards a mobility car. I dont know who to ask, maybe my Dr ! I have RA and osteo, have been told because of other ailments that the specialist wont operate on hip and that mobility will be my best option.

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    The only way I know to get money towards a car is if you are granted PIP Mobility element at the Higher rate, you can then get hold of Motability ( to obtain a car in exchange for your allowance. The car covers all running costs and insurance except fuel. Then trouble is that you can only submit new claims for PIP between the ages of 16 and 65; if you are awarded it before the age of 65 it will continue indefinitely. If you are ex-forces one of the related charities may be able to help. I really suggest that you talk to someone such as the CAB or Age Concern.

  • Thats silly isnt it as its people over 65 that would normally need the service. I will do as you say and contact the ones you mentioned and I am also going to ask my own GP, will post when I have got any info.

  • Hi Silverlady,

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum, as Mike1 has confirmed the best people to speak to would be the Citizens Advice, they have a wide range of knowledge about various benefits available for people, in the meantime I have attached a few links below that I hope will help you in the future.

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