Is it normal to be down when diagnosed

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I was only diagnosed last week with Fibro and Osteoarthritis and Reactive Arthritis since then I have dipped is this usual and how can I get back up, the thought of living with these is consuming me.


  • Lilymary
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    Hello Sarah, yes, it’s perfectly normal to feel down when you have a new diagnosis of arthritis, as there’s so much uncertainty about how this will affect your life, and it’s human nature to fear the worst. It certainly got me that way when I suddenly found out I had arthritis which was already at the stage of needing a new hip. It’s quite a big adjustment to get used to having to manage your body to support your new creaking limbs, but once you get on top of the pain management, (although I’m afraid it’s near impossible to eliminate pain altogether), along with a suitable exercise regime to keep you moving, a healthy diet and, if necessary, some weight loss, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Have a look at this link, some of the tips may help you, including the section on meditation and mindfulness for your low mood.

    It’s like bringing home a new pet, there’s a new presence in your life, you have to work out what its needs are and how to manage them, and how to rebuild your routine around it. It’s not a welcome new pet, more of a bad tempered poorly house-trained alligator at times, but it’s not the end of the good times, you just learn to do things differently.

    Arthritis, fatigue and depression do go hand in hand sometimes, it helps to be aware of that. It’s not you “failing”, it’s just another way arthritis can hit you. Be kind to yourself, nurse your aching body, and come on here when it all gets too much.

    LM x

  • sarahf
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    Thank you Lilymary that is so kind of you, I will look at the pain management link you have sent.

  • Jona
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    Hi Sarahf,

    Yes it is perfectly normal to feel down about your diagnosis I come here occasionally and the lovely people here help to lift me out of it, I’ve started listening to ebooks too and bought myself a foot massager it’s so nice so face pack on, foot massager on cup of tea and soft music In the background just a little pamper time

    I guess I’ve accepted it now and say ok so now what I won’t say it’s easy but as they say do as much as pain allows and never give up 😊💐😊

  • sarahf
    sarahf Member Posts: 6

    Thank you Jona, I do appreciate the boost.

  • Mike1
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    It is usual to feel down occasionally no matter when one has been diagnosed regrettably.

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