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Hello Everyone My name is Tilly I am a new to this site so may take me a little time to find my way around, I also have Arthritis, along with other health problems, thought it was time to join a community forum to find out how others cope & what they do to ease "Pain" & have a natter..Thank you for reading stay safe Tilly 🥀


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    Hi @Tilly - welcome to the online community!

    I see you're asking for advice on how others deal with pain and to join the the community 😊 I also see from your other post you have problems with sleeping due to sleep apnea and other issues, so any help on that would also be welcome.

    With regards to pain, I've personally found using heat to be a really good way of helping. I have some microwavable wheat germ bags (which I can add essential oils to to make smell nice) which can be applied to my painful joints, and hot baths (if you can have them) or showers can really help. There are also gels which help - although not all of them! I tried a few different pain-easing gels and nearly gave up on them, but then found one which works for me - Depp Heat's one. So do try those yourself, you may well get lucky and find one which works for you.

    We have some links which may have useful information for you, check them out if they look good:

    I'm sure some of the other emembers will be over to say hi too. Do feel free to join in around the community - we're always happy to have new members.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hello Shell x Thank you for the warm welcome x & thank you for the 2 tips you have left for me to research x I also Have Fibromyalgia I see you had found that I have Sleep Apnea along with a few other health issue, I sometimes think I am fighting a loosing battle with myself!... but hey ho onwards & upwards I always say there is someone worse of than myself, I think this forum is an amazing place for folk to go to when they need a pick me up or have a natter with others in the same or similar situation its good to share how we all feel, I am lucky to have a good family support but its not always family you need chat to bless them,I have been on off the site all afternoon having a nose around just to get the feel of it x

    Think I should go now Shell & have another look about thank you once again for your kind words & welcoming me on to the site.... I wish you well xxx. Stay safe Tilly🥀