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I am just wondering what you feel helps with osteoarthritis pain as this is what I struggle to control.

Any advice would be so appreciated.


  • Mike1
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    Join the club! I have tried every med over the years and have now been on Morphine for about 8 years and, like most others on here, will say that none of them get rid of the pain merely knock the edge off. I have also tried every complementary therapy that I have come across without success. I do have a massage every couple of weeks which helps at the time, then increases the pain next day until it settles down the day after. A lot of people on here agree that distraction is best, this is merely doing something that you enjoy doing and can physically do; this could be anything, for me it is making models and watching TV, for others it could be knitting or gardening etc.

  • frogmorton
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    I swear by a warm wheatbag and distraction as Mike says.

    It won't get rid of it completely but a warm wheatbag on OA joints eases things just enough to do something then to distract me. Of course l have my pain meds, but they don't always do as much as I'd like.

    I have also worn out more than one tens machine, but considering getting another anyway.

    My preferred distractions are jigsaws (unless the pains are in a place which makes it worse, nipping in here and listening to my audiobooks.

    Oh have you tried a pain clinic yet?